TheAdvantage Flying Insect Trap
Helpful Trap Placement Hints

1. There is no exact science for trap placement. Weather conditions affect fly activity and trap effectiveness.

2. When temperatures are above 80oF degrees, traps must be placed in shaded areas. As temperatures fall below this, fly activity will diminish and they will seek warmer areas. Move the trap into sun exposed areas.

3. Place traps outdoors where flies are a problem. The outside perimeters of barns, houses, animal cages, etc. are excellent locations.

4. Avoid strong winds. Strong odors from dead flies may occur if not kept in well-ventilated areas.

5. Place traps at various locations and heights to determine the most effective placement. Traps should not be placed higher than 3 from the ground.

6. Allow 24-48 hours for activation, depending on temperature.

 7. If placing traps in an area near pre-existing strong odors, sometimes doubling the attractant amount will aid in the trapping process.

8. When the trap is full or after 10- 14 days of trapping, empty the trap and replenish with new attractant.

9. Always dispose of the dead flies in a proper manner. Do not empty dead flies on to the ground. This may become an additional breeding area for flies.  We suggest putting dead flies in a plastic garbage bag.


 Note:  To save time and make changing & cleaning your Advantage Flying Insect Trap even easier, a liner is supplied  which fits into the trap body. This will allow you to use your trap as a permanent unit while having the benefit of a disposable unit. It will also save you money over the current disposable units.

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