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Permanent Body: TheAdvantage Yellow Jacket Trap is made of heavy duty molded plastic which can be used for many years.
Disposable Parts: Each trap includes a disposable liner for easy clean-up.  Extra liners are sold separately.
Versatile: This trap can also be converted to capture flies and other flying insects by changing the type attractant/lures.

Because of the dual entry holes (top & bottom), a chimney effect is created...dispersing the lures & attractants
out over a 30' radius from the trap in all directions. (see illustration below).

Each trap contains: TheAdvantage Yellow Jacket Trap,Disposable Liner,  Bait Rod, 30 Day Yellow Jacket Lure,
and Instruction Sheet.

Cautionary Statements

Baiting the Trap

Trap Maintenance

Trap Placement

Useful Information

MSDS -Eastern/Southern YJ Lure MSDS -Western YJ Lure