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Sheffield EVO Tips

Sheffield EVO Tips are standard on all our single-cutter head bits!

The Evo Tip is a durable, long wear tip due to small particle sizes used in the tungsten steel.  The design of tip is also a contributing factor to the tip's durability.

With Sheffield Masonry Drill Bits, you have many styles,
lengths & diameters to choose from
for all your drilling needs...

Sheffield Masonry Drill Bits are made from the world's finest carbide and steel. Brazing techniques are used to produce the most durable and lasting bond. This bond ensures an extended drill bit life. The double flute design allows debris to flow down the flute in two paths - one from each side of the cutting head. The more debris removed, the faster the bit can drill. Click on the More Details button in each section to see what drill bits sizes are available in the shank you need.

Spline    SDS+    SDS Max    A Tapers    B Tapers    Drill-Shank Adaptors

 Straight Shanks     Heavy Duty Cores     Anchor Bits   High Speed Twist

Spline Drive Bits:  For direct mounting into B&D, AEG, Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi and all hammer
drills with spline shank drives.  Spline drill bits deliver maximum drilling torque and energy per hammer blow for faster drilling and the least cost per hole drilled.

(Spline & SDS Max Bits of diameter of 5/8" and larger are available in crosshead style.)

SDS (Slotted Drive System) Plus Drive Bits:  Fits directly into all hammer drills with SDS Plus and Hilti locking.  Excellent for fast drilling of holes in concrete slabs, reinforced concrete, and stone. What is Q.F.D.S.?  It stands for "Quick Fit Drill Shank" and all of our Sheffield SDS+ Drills have it.  It is a unique upgrade to the standard SDS+ shank.  The new shank design has a widened entry profile of the slot drive grooves.  This results in quicker location of the bit in to the drill and it locking-in is easy. This also reduces wear on the drill chuck.
Quick Fit Drill Shank! Latest SDS+ Technology!



SDS Max Drive Bits:  Fits the new SDS Max hammer drills from Bosch and Hilti Y Groove with the added performance of a direct fitting drill bit and the superb benefits of a unique crosshead patented design.  This bit is the ultimate combination for premium hammer drill bits.

A Tapers:  Use in hammer drills using A-Taper adaptors.  For drilling in reinforced concrete, stone and cast stone.  A-Tapers are economically priced, however, some torque is lost when used with an adaptor.

B-Tapers:  Use in hammer drills using B-Taper adaptors.  For drilling in reinforced concrete, stone and cast stone.  B-Tapers are economically priced, however, some torque is lost when used with an adaptor.

Shank to Drill Bit AdaptorsOur full line of adaptors offer you even more versatility.  Your spline drive hammers can be converted to use A-Taper, B-Taper and SDS drill bits.  Your SDS drive hammers can be converted to use A-Taper and B-Taper drill bits.  Each Sheffield adaptor comes with drift key.


Sheffield Straight Shank Bits:  For rotation or percussion drilling.  Fits all 1/4" - 3/8" chucks.  Use in brick, cinderblock, concrete, stone, marble, wood and plastic.  Excellent for use in termite void treating.

Heavy Duty Core Drill Bits Core bits and adaptors are milled from soil Sheffield steel bar stock.  Sheffield heavy duty core bits are tough enough for drilling large diameter holes up to 6" in hard concrete.  For termite bait stations, we recommend using 3 1/8" or 3 1/2" core bits.  Set includes:  Core bit, adaptor & pilot drill.

Concrete Screw Anchor BitsDesigned for installing Tapcon, Uniset, and Ramset screws.  Made from heavy duty carbide.  Close tolerance for maximum holding power.  Use in cement block, concrete or brick walls.  Rotation or percussion drills can be used.

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High Speed Twist BitsA high quality drill bit for drilling in steel, wood, plastic, marble, ect.  Can be used in fast rotation drilling machines or hand drilling.

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