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Monday August 4, 2014

J.F.Oakes announces the new XLure Ready To Use Fabric Insect Trap for clothes moths and carpet beetles announces new XLure® Ready-To-Use Fabric Insect Trap

XLure F.I.T. Kit
XLure F.I.T. contains pheromones to attract Webbing Clothes Moths, Casemaking Clothes Moths, Brown House Moths, Varied and Black Carpet Beetles.

XLure's NEW Ready-To-Use Trap for fabric destoying insects, known as XLure F.I.T. {Fabric Insect Trap}, includes multiple pheromones to attract both Webbing & Casemaking Clothes Moths, the Brown House Moth, Varied & Black Carpet Beetles.

XLure F.I.T. uses the same body design as the popular and indestructable XLure MST Beetle Floor trap with the addition of 3 top holes for moth entry.  Same as the MST Beetle Floor trap, the XLure FIT body is re-useable and money savingreplacement cartridges can be purchasedseparately.   The body also includes a tab to be used with the new tether system.

Top entry holes were added for moth entry.Tab was added so new Tether System can be used to secure traps in place.

For use in homes, apartments, museums, retail clothing warehouses, clothing manufacturing plants, feather warehouses, anywhere these fabric destroying insects may be present. 

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