LED Flashlights...

LED Flashlights do not have standard bulbs. 
They utilize the latest technology to transmit light: Light Emitting Diodes. 

There are many advantages of  LEDs Flashlights.

Light quality is better, brighter than standard incandescent flashlights.

They are energy efficient using less battery life than standard flashlights do. 

LED UV Flashlight - Scorpion Hunter (fluoresces rodent & cat urine too!)

Distributors: sold in increments of 6

Uses 3 C cell batteries (batteries included).

SCORPION HUNTERS have 14 Ultra Violet LEDs for a powerful flashlight that will illuminate scorpions as well as fluoresce rodent and cat urine.

With the use of yellow goggles, urine can be seen even in a brightly lit room with this UV flashlight!



MAGLite to LED Flashlight Converter Kit

Turn your 3 cell MAGLite
into a powerful LED flashlight.

Distributors: sold in increments of 12

LEDs are brighter

LEDs use 5x less battery power
therefore battery life is increased

LEDs last 100,000 hours

LEDs are durable; won't break if the flashlight is dropped

Part #: LED9M

Installation is easy.  Simply unscrew top lens ring.  Remove plastic lens.  Remove reflector & bulb.  Insert LED lights - push down firmly until it will not go down any further.  Insert new heavy glass lens into ring.  Re-install top lens ring. Twist top head (clockwise) fully.

Regular Flashlights - with Krypton bulbs
Our Standard Incandescent Flashlight has krypton bulbs which are very bright bulbs.  They are economical ...so if you frequently loose your flashlight, this one if for you! 

Product Codes#

005-JFO-5550  (2 D Cell Flashlight)
005-JFO-5750  (3 D Cell Flashlight)
005-JFO-7150  (2 AA Cell Flashlight)


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