Minigards are versatile, economical and efficient bait stations

Minigards are Price Busters that will help you cut costs

MinigardTM Bait Stations

for mice & insects

Costs about $0.45/bait station...

Compare this cost to competitor's
$ 1.50 - $ 1.75  R.T.U. Bait Stations!


can hold up to 2 rodent bait blocks,rodents
Pro-Pest Rat & Mouse Lure,
roach & ant bait gels,
use your imagination...

small enough to fit in areas
other stations won't fit:

Dimensions: 4"L  x  2"D  x  1-5/8"H




Uses include, but are not limited to....

  • Use Minigards behind hot water heaters, refrigerators, and other areas Minigards can hold bait blocks, lures, gels, etc...
    where mice and insects like to congregate.
  • A flat top & bottom make Minigards easily adaptable in most areas.

  • Minigards offer tamper-resistance that open trays can't.

  • Minigards can be secured to surfaces with the use of Velcro, Double Stick Tape, Super-glue, even Liquid Nails.

  • Minigards are durable enough to re-use or economical enough to's up to you.