Independent test confirms
XLure Multi-Species Beetle Traps
are very effective for
attracting & capturing
Tribolium (flour beetles).

The purpose of this test was to evaluate the attraction and efficacy of the XLure Multi-Species Beetle Trap.  In this test, the question was also answered if the slope of the trap was too steep for Tribolium to climb. 

The independent test by Dr. Gerhard Karg of B.U.G.S. was performed 6 times on 3 subsequent days.  As stated in the summary of the report,  XLure Multi-Species Beetle Traps are very attractive to Tribolium, with a mean catch efficacy of more than 80% after 24 hours. 

The test also provided proof that Tribolium had no difficulty in climbing the slope to enter the trap and just as importantly.....once inside the trap, they were not able to escape.  Click here to see complete test report.

XLure Multi-Species Beetle Trap Info...


Pheromone Solutions Catalog featuring XLure R.T.U. Monitoring Systems and Lures

Pheromone Solutions for Stored Product Pests and Other Insects is our catalog featuring the complete line of pheromone monitoring products we offer. Our technology in this area is backed by years of pheromone expertise from Russell Fine Chemicals. 

One such example of our advanced technology is PherogelTM.   PherogelTM is an advanced gel matrix formulation  which protects the pheromone(s).   No refrigeration is necessary  for the XLureTM R.T.U. Diamond Traps, XLure R.T.U. Inspectors, PRO-PEST Pheronet Traps, & XLureTM 16 week dispensers.   Once activated, pheromones are released evenly, regardless of temperature spikes allowing us to offer products ranging from 8  to 16 full weeks of active life...

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XLure Ready To Use
Diamond Traps....

Active Life: 8-10 weeks
Shelf Life: 2 years
No Refrigeration

Pre-Baited in different combinations:



wall traps  

XLure Ready To Use Wall Traps...

Active Life: 8-10 weeks
Shelf Life: 2 years
No Refrigeration

Pre-Baited with multiple pheromones to attract
Indian Meal Moth, Mediterranean Flour, Almond, Raisin, Tobacco Moths Cigarette, Warehouse & Khapra Beetles.



XLure Ready to Use Inspectors

Active Life 30-60 days
Shelf Life 1-1/2 years



XLure MultiSpecies Beetle Floor Traps

Active Life 6 - 8 weeks

Highly effective monitoring of a wide range of stored product beetles and their larvae due to the use of both pheromones and food lures in the replaceable lure cartridge.



Pro-Pest Pheronet Traps

Active Life: 4 -6 weeks




Pro-Pest Pheromone Traps are conveniently packaged for those small jobs or to re-sell to your customers.  Available for Plodia/Ephestia /Lasioderma and  Webbing Clothes Moths

PRO-PM2-12 (IMM)

(Clothes Moth)



Safestore Kits are a complete line of pheromone kits containing everything you need: Glue Trap, pheromone, instructions, & info sheets  corresponding to the kit you purchase.  To see the full list, click on Kit List.  To see an overview of SAFESTORE, click 'More Details'.

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We offer a full line of replacement pheromone lures and traps. You may put your own kits together or replace only what you need!

Replacement XLures

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The Delta XLDT24A Kits are designed for large application jobs. 
XLure Dispensers have an active life of 16 weeks!