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XLure Pheromone Monitoring Systems & Pro-Pest Pheronet Traps are designed to attact, capture and monitor stored product insects.
...Pre-Baited, Ready-to-Use, Ready-to-Install

Using the latest advancements in pheromone technology, the XLure & Pro-Pest lines incorporate pheromones directly in to the glue by using a gel matrix known as Pherogel®. Pherogel® is patented and used only in XLure and Pro-Pest products. This unique gel matrix has two functions.

Pherogel® protects the pheromones and allows them to escape, at a steady rate, out in to the surrounding area. This steady release yields the most accurate results when monitoring for stored product insects in accounts. The more accurate, the better you can stay on top of what's going on in your accounts.

The second function of Pherogel® is its' ability to allow multiple pheromones to be incorporated in to a single glue trap for only pennies more than a single pheromone trap. This deems XLure and Pro-Pest much more economical than traditional pheromone carriers such as septas, bullets, and vials. When using traditional pheromone carriers, a technician must add a septa, vial or bullet for each insect species to be monitored for in the account.... in each trap.

XLure R.T.U. Traps save pest control companiesmoney.....in product costs, labor costs, preventing costly errors in pheromone lure installastion,& time.....precious time. Look below at the comparison of XLure Combo 4 Ready to use (ready to install) versus the traditional method of inserting individual pheromone lures in to a diamond glue trap. .

Do the math... you'll want to be 'in the blue' with XLure Combo4 :-)

Depending upon the XLure product, active life can range from 60 days to 16 weeks. And because Pherogel protects the pheromones, no refrigeration is required for storing XLure products.

And yes, we also offer an array of traditional pheromone carriers, non-baited glue traps and 'build your own' Safestore Pheromone Monitoring Kits. For you Pest Control Companies that also have a 'do it yourself' retail store, we have retail packaging of the Pro-Pest products: Pro-Pest Pantry Moth & Beetle Traps and Pro-Pest Clothes Moth Traps. Both are in convenient 2-packs and come in a counter display box.

Links below go to the Pheromone Solutions we offer.  We are still working on the Safestore section so please keep checking back for additional product information.

Pheromone Solutions Catalog
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XLure RTU Pre-baited Diamond Traps... the industry leader
XLure Combo-4
XLure Mini Combo4

XLure Inspector...24/7 monitoring
XLure RTU Inspector

MST Beetle Floor Traps and Fabric Insect Traps
XL FabricInsect Trap
XL MST Beetle Trap

XLure 16 week color coded IMM+CB Dispensers
XL 16 wk dispenser

Pro-Pest Pheronet, Pantry Moth and Clothes Moth Pre-baited Ready to Use Traps
Pro-Pest Traps:
Pheronet Bulk
Pantry Moth & Beetle
Clothes Moth