2-1/2" Liquid Filled (Glycerin) Pressure Gauges

Designed for use where shock or pulsation cause premature failure of pressure gages.  The standard glycerin filling or optional silicone filling will dampen the tube and pointer movement. The fill also lubricates and protects the movement and prolongs the life of the gauge.  Liquid filled gauges are often specified for hydraulic applications and for machinery or devices that are used in rough service.  For use in agricultural and pest control spray units.
Case: 304 Stainless Steel
Connections: 1/4"NPT Standard
Pointer: painted aluminum
Dial: painted aluminum.
Lens: plastic
Accuracy: % of full scale
Ranges: Vacuum through 10,000 psi
Product Code: Description:
010-GG-100 Glycerin Gauge -100 psi
010-GG-160 Glycerin Gauge - 160 psi
010-GG-300 Glycerin Gauge - 300 psi
010-GG-400 Glycerin Gauge- 400 psi
010-GG-600 Glycerin Gauge - 600 psi
010-GG-1000 Glycerin Gauge - 1000 psi