For Economical Mass Trapping!

Pre-baited Glue Trap with pheromones to attract IMM, Tobacco, Almond, Raisin, Mediterranean Flour Moths & Cigarette Beetles.

May be hung or sits flat.

Trap Size: 4-3/4" x 3-3/4" x 3-3/4"

Pro-Pest Pheronet Traps are convenient insect monitoring traps that are great for mass trapping.  Uses: tobacco warehouses, pet shops, transportation containers, commercial and residential accounts.

The stored product insect pheromones are loaded onto the glue.  Everything is in one easy-to-use.  This is done with  PherogelTM technologyPherogelTM is the advanced formula for pheromone-controlled release.  This means the gel matrix releases the pheromones at an even rate, regardless of temperature spikes.

Active life is 30-60 days.  No refrigeration is required.

PRO-PEST Pheronet Traps:
Product Code#

Package Size


Pro-Pest Pheronet Traps- 25 pack


Pro-Pest Pheronet Traps - 100 pack

Call for pricing and for distributors in your area.


Pro-Pest Pheronet Traps for Pantry Pests are our our Pheronet Traps (see above for details) conveniently packaged in a 2 pack for low inventory needs or as a re-sale item to your residential customers.  The pheromones in Pro-Pest Pantry Traps will attract Indian Meal Moth, Almond, Raisin, Tobacco, and Mediterranean Flour Moths and Cigarette Beetles. 

Each package contains 2 traps.  Take one or two traps out of the plastic sleeve, fold  trap into a triangular trap.  Since pheromones are pre-loaded in the glue, it is ready to use!  Traps can be hung or can be placed on a shelf.  If you smoke wash your hands before handling any trap as the nicotine could contaminate the trap causing the pests to avoid the trap rather than pursue it!

These are sold in display boxes.  Each box contains 12 - 2 packs.


Pro-Pest Pheronet Traps for Clothes Moths  These are our Pheronet Traps without any pheromone loaded in the glue.  Two vials containing the Webbing Clothes Moth Lure and two glue traps & hangers are inside each plastic sleeve. (The vials are individually packaged.)  Each vial has an active life of 8 - 10 weeks.

Simply fold the trap into a triangle shape.  Remove a vial fromit's foil pouch and place it inside the trap.  (Do not open the vial ....Polyethylene material allows pheromone to escape slowly from the the vial without opening the lid.)  Trap may be hung or will sit flat on a shelf.

These are sold in display boxes.  Each box contains 12 - 2 packs.


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