Monitoring Systems for Stored Product Insects

Do your customers know they have an infestation before you do?  With a SAFESTORETM system in place, the information feedback you receive can help you avoid high levels of complaints.

SAFESTORETM is the Professional answer to your stored product monitoring needs.  These kits help you, the professional, to target store product pests effectively and above all, safely.  See the chart below for "Species Specific Kits" available.

Each SAFESTORETM kit will contain the 'species' specific pheromones, instruction sheet, and diamond or easy read traps (10 traps/kit).


Diamond Traps: easily unfold and are pre-loaded with glue.   Add pheromone and it's ready to use.

Easy Read Traps: are clear plastic stations pre-loaded with glue in the bottom.  Add pheromone and it's ready to use. 

Each Easy Read has a metal strip to prevent undetected entry into production lines that utilize metal detection equipment.


In each kit, there are 10 pheromone lures.  Dependant on the pheromone requested, you may receive the pheromone in  red rubber squares,
rubber septas, or vials.


SAFESTORETM is a registered trademark of Russell Environmental Products.

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