Product Name:

XLure R.T.U. - Combo-4

Product Code:


Product Description:

Diamond Glue Traps pre-baited with Plodia, Ephestia, Lasioderma and Trogoderma pheromones in addition to food attractant for other insects.


Non-drying glue trap with Pherogel containing the pheromone blend for the above insects in addition to the food attractant.

Expected Action:

8- 10 weeks attraction of the target insects.


can affect the amount of insects that will be caught.  For an effective program, it is important that the traps are placed in the best position available and when they are replaced, the positioning is altered as little as possible so that information from different times of the year can be compared.  Traps should be placed when temperatures reach 50oF or higher.


As a part of comprehensive monitoring program.


The rate of use will depend largely on the structure of the monitored location, layout of machinery and ventilation outlet position.  For starting point place traps in a grid pattern (30' - 50' feet); shorter intervals to pin point infestations.  This rate may be changed later to take in consideration the above mentioned parameters.


Hang around head high in a position with good air movement (not in a strong wind tunnel).  Avoid blocking trap entrances. Place away from fork lift pathways and other potential moving objects.  If possible, positions should be chosen that offer shelter for the trap (example: near fire hoses or fire extinguishers).

Common Use:

Monitoring of Insect population.  Decisions of intervention should not be taken solely on trap catch.  Other means of insect sampling should also be considered.


Insects that can be monitored using this trap are:

Indian Meal Moth
Tobacco Moth
Raisin Moth
Almond Moth
Mediterranean Flour Moth
Cigarette Beetle
Khapra Beetle
Warehouse Beetle


041-NLD-COMBO-4: 6 units in re-sealable laminated foil pack in box.  4 boxes per case (24 traps)

Shelf Life/Storage:

When stored correctly at room temperature, the product should remain active for a period of 2 years from the date of production without refrigeration.

Handling and Disposal:

Avoid heat and direct sunshine. Dispose according to local regulation and away from monitored areas.

Contact with Lures:

XLure R.T.U. is safe to handle.


Avoid un-necessary and extensive contact with skin since some contaminants such as nicotine can have a repellent effect.


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