XLure Multi-Species Beetle Floor Trap

This new insect trap has been designed specifically for the effective monitoring and trapping of a wide range of STORED PRODUCT BEETLES

The design ensures that the  X-LURE™ Beetle Floor Trap can be used in the dustiest of conditions, with no reduction in efficiency and will not spill any liquid if accidentally kicked over.

A special mix of food attractants, developed by the UK Government’s Central Science Laboratory is highly attractive to a wide range of stored product beetles & their larvae and is the key attractant. 

Also present in this trap is the long-established ‘Pherogel’ pheromone lure for:  Red & Confused Flour Beetles, Cigarette Beetles and Warehouse & Khapra Beetles.

All-round entry slits offer insects an attractive dark harbourage in which to seek
sex, food & shelter and is angled to encourage upward
movement of the beetles.

Tests have shown that XLure MS Beetle Traps attract:
Grain Weevils, Rice Weevils, Maize Weevils, Lesser Grain Borers, Foreign Grain Beetles, Saw Toothed Grain Beetles, Drug Store Beetles, Merchant Grain Beetles
& Flour Beetles.
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In the bottom of the trapping pit lays a filter paper soaked in wheat germ oil, which is another powerful attractant for a wide range of these beetles.

Once the beetles fall on this surface, however, they get coated in the oil, which stops their escape.  The oil also coats the insect’s spiracles that induces death…no messy glue used.

XLureTM Multi Species Beetle Floor Trap:

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Xlure R.T.U. Multi-species Floor Trap with multiple pheromones to attract Cigarette, Red & Confused Flour, Khapra, Warehouse Beetles and food lure to attract all other stored product beetles.
Trap Size: 5" Diameter x 1-1/4" Height;  Packaged: 10 Traps per case
$ 8.22 ea
Multispecies insert cartridge for Xlure R.T.U. Floor Trap containing pheromones, food lures & oil; Packaged 10 cartridges per case.
$ 4.50 ea
Xlure replacement Floor Trap only.  No pheromone/food cartridge. Sold individually. $ 3.95 ea

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