XLure R.T.U. Inspector

Prebaited Glue Trap with pheromones to attract IMM, Tobacco, Almond, Raisin, Mediterranean Flour Moths & Cigarette Beetles.

Simply remove the release paper to expose the glue, fold into box shape and it's ready to use.

May be hung or secured to any surface with the 3/4'' double stick tape on the back of the trap.

Trap Size: 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 3/4"


XLureTM R.T.U. INSPECTORS are convenient insect monitoring traps that are small enough to use in tight places or in areas where being inconspicuous is best.

The stored product insect pheromones are loaded onto the glue.  Everything is in one easy-to-use small trap.  This is done with  PherogelTM technologyPherogelTM is the advanced formula for pheromone-controlled release.  This means the gel matrix releases the pheromones at an even rate, regardless of temperature spikes.

Active life is 30-60 days.  No refrigeration is required.

  XLureTM R.T.U. Inspectors:
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Package Size


XLure Inspector - 25 pack


XLure Inspector - 100 pack


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