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Welcome to JF Oakes, LLC. We are a manufacturer, importer and exporter of Professional Pest Control Products. We also partner with other manufacturers worldwide to bring the latest ideas, technology and resources to the ever changing professional pest control industry we serve.

This website is currently under construction so please call or email us if you cannot locate the product or information you need.  For now, our basic product lines can be accessed below for your convenience.  Thanks for visiting!


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ProPest Professional Nuisance Wildlife Lures

Product lines include our full line of Sheffield Masonry Drill Bits and Sheffield Soil Augers for termite and ant bait station placement,  our own Chemoak Professional line of Spray Hoses,  Shurflo pumps, brass/nylon fittings, spray guns & accessories, spray tanks,  TheAdvantage Flying Insect Trap and Yellow Jacket Trap, XLure R.T.U., XLure & Safestore Pheromone Lures & Monitoring Systems, Minigard Bait Stations, Rat Founts,  Scorpion Hunter/Urine Tracker UV LED Flashlights, Foster fittings, & Delavan Roller Pumps.  New products are added all the time to meet the changing needs of today's PMP.

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