Nylon Fittings

Product CodeDescription
010-CC-1212FPT Coupling 3/4"
010-CC-66FPT Coupling 3/8"
010-CC-88FPT Coupling 1/2"
Reducer Couplings
Product CodeDescription
010-RC-128Reducing Coupling 3/4"FPT x 1/2"FPT
010-RC-1612PPReducing Coupling 1"FPT x 3/4"FPT- polypropylene"
010-RC-86Reducing Coupling 1/2"FPT x 3/8"FPT
Elbows - FPT
Product CodeDescription
010-EL-1212FPT Elbow 3/4"
010-EL-88FPT Elbow 1/2"
Hex Head Plug
Product CodeDescription
010-TP-4006Plug 3/8" MPT
010-TP-4008Plug 1/2" MPT
010-TP-4008PPlug 1/2" MPT Poly
010-TP-4008PPPlug 1/2" MPT-polypropylene
010-TP-4012Plug 3/4" MPT
010-TP-4012PPPlug 3/4" MPT-polypropylene
010-TP-4020PPPlug - 1-1/4"MPT -polypropylene
Hose Mender
Product CodeDescription
010-TC-70663/8"HB x 3/8"HB
010-TC-7088P1/2"HB x 1/2"HB - Polyethylene
Hose Mender Elbow
Product CodeDescription
010-HM-TE-201212THose Mender Elbow 3/4" x 3/4"
010-HM-TE-201616THose Mender Elbow 1" x 1"
010-HM-TE-2044THose Mender Elbow 1/4" x 1/4"
010-HM-TE-2064THose Mender Elbow 3/8" x 1/4"
010-HM-TE-2066THose Mender Elbow 3/8" x 3/8"
010-HM-TE-2084THose Mender Elbow 1/2" x 1/4"
010-HM-TE-2086THose Mender Elbow 1/2" x 3/8"
010-HM-TE-2088THose Mender Elbow 1/2" x 1/2"
Hose Mender Reducer
Product CodeDescription
010-TRC-8064Reducing Hose Mender 3/8" HB x 1/4" HB
010-TRC-8086PReducing Hose Mender 1/2" HB x 3/8" HB - polyethylene
010-TRN-6064Reducing Close Nipple 3/8"MPT x 1/4"MPT
010-TRN-6084Reducing Close Nipple 1/2"MPT x 1/4"MPT
010-TRN-6084PReducing Close Nipple 1/2"MPT x 1/4"MPT-polyethylene
010-TRN-6086Reducing Close Nipple 1/2"MPT x 3/8"MPT
Product CodeDescription
010-TA-1012123/4"MPT x 3/4"HB
010-TA-101243/4"MPT x 1/4"HB
010-TA-101263/4"MPT x 3/8"HB
010-TA-101283/4"MPT x 1/2"HB
010-TA-10128P3/4"MPT x 1/2"HB - polyethylene
010-TA-1016161"MPT x 1"HB"
010-TA-102020PP1-1/4"MPT x 1-1/4"HB -polypropylene
010-TA-10231/8"MPT x 3/16HB
010-TA-10241/8"MPT x 1/4"HB
010-TA-1024241-1/2"MPT x 1-1/2"HB
010-TA-10251/8"MPT x 5/16"HB
010-TA-10261/8"MPT x 3/8"HB
010-TA-10441/4"MPT x 1/4"HB
010-TA-10461/4"MPT x 3/8"HB
010-TA-10643/8"MPT x 1/4"HB
010-TA-10663/8"MPT x 3/8"HB
010-TA-10683/8"MPT x 1/2"HB
010-TA-108121/2"MPT X 3/4''HB
010-TA-108161/2"MPT X 1''HB
010-TA-10861/2"MPT x 3/8"HB
010-TA-1086P1/2"MPT x 3/8"HB -polyethylene
010-TA-10881/2"MPT x 1/2"HB
010-TA-1088P1/2"MPT x 1/2"HB -polyethylene
MPT x HB Elbow
Product CodeDescription
010-TE-201210Elbow 3/4"MPT x 5/8"HB
010-TE-201212Elbow 3/4"MPT x 3/4"HB
010-TE-201216Elbow 3/4"MPT x 1''HB
010-TE-20124Elbow 3/4"MPT x 1/4"HB
010-TE-20126Elbow 3/4"MPT x 3/8"HB
010-TE-20128Elbow 3/4"MPT x 1/2"HB
010-TE-20128PElbow 3/4"MPT x 1/2"HB Poly
010-TE-2024Elbow 1/8MPT x 1/4"HB
010-TE-2026Elbow 1/8MPT x 3/8"HB
010-TE-2043Elbow 1/4"MPT x 3/16"HB
010-TE-2046Elbow 1/4"MPT x 3/8"HB
010-TE-2048Elbow 1/4"MPT x 1/2"HB
010-TE-20610Elbow 3/8"MPT x 5/8"HB
010-TE-2064Elbow 3/8"MPT x 1/4"HB
010-TE-2066Elbow 3/8" MPT x 3/8"HB
010-TE-2066PElbow 3/8"MT x 3/8"HB-polyethylene
010-TE-2068Elbow 3/8"MPT x 1/2"HB
010-TE-20810Elbow 1/2"MPT x 5/8"HB
010-TE-208121/2"MPT x 3/4"HB Elbow - Nylon
010-TE-208161/2"MPT x 1"HB Elbow - Nylon"
010-TE-2084Elbow 1/2"MPT x 1/4"HB
010-TE-2086Elbow 1/2"MPT x 3/8"HB
010-TE-2088Elbow 1/2"MPT x 1/2"HB
010-TE-2088PElbow 1/2"MPT x 1/2"HB-polyethylene
Product CodeDescription
010-SOF-881/2"FPT x 1/2"HB
010-TAF-1012123/4"FPT x 3/4"HB
010-TAF-101263/4"FPT x 3/8"HB
010-TAF-101283/4"FPT x 1/2"HB
010-TAF-10421/4"FPT x 1/8"HB
010-TAF-10441/4"FPT x 1/4"HB
010-TAF-10461/4"FPT x 3/8"HB
010-TAF-10643/8"FPT x 1/4"HB
010-TAF-10663/8"FPT x 3/8"HB
010-TAF-10683/8"FPT x 1/2"HB
010-TAF-108121/2"FPT x 3/4"HB
010-TAF-10841/2"FPT x 1/4"HB
010-TAF-10861/2"FPT x 3/8"HB
FPT x HB Elbow
Product CodeDescription
010-TEF-2024Elbow 1/8"FPT x 1/4"HB
010-TEF-2026Elbow 1/8"FPT x 3/8"HB
010-TEF-2044Elbow 1/4"FPT x 1/2"HB
010-TEF-2046Elbow 1/4"FPT x 3/8"HB
010-TEF-2064Elbow 3/8"FPT x 1/4"HB
010-TEF-2066Elbow 3/8"FPT x 3/8"HB
010-TEF-2068Elbow 3/8"FPT x 1/2"HB
010-TEF-2068PPElbow 3/8"FPT x 1/2"HB -polypropylene
010-TEF-20812Elbow 1/2"FPT x 3/4"HB
010-TEF-2088Elbow 1/2"FPT x 1/2"HB
010-TO-234Elbow 3/4" FPT x 1/2"HB
010-TO-334Elbow 3/4" FPT x 5/8"HB
010-TO-434Elbow 3/4"FPT x 3/4"HB
Product CodeDescription
010-TN-5066Nipple 3/8" MPT
010-TN-5088Nipple 1/2" MPT
010-TN-5088PNipple 1/2" MPT -polyethylene
010-TN-51212Nipple 3/4" MPT
010-TN-51212PNipple 3/4" MPT - Polypropylene
Nozzle Strainer
Product CodeDescription
010-MC-555-5050 Mesh Nozzle Strainer-polypropylene
Reducing Bushing
Product CodeDescription
010-RB-128Reducing Bushing 3/4"MPT x 1/2"FPT
010-RB-2420Reducing Bushing 1-1/2''MPT x 1-1/4"'FPT
010-RB-64Reducing Bushing 3/8"MPT x 1/4"FPT
010-RB-84Reducing Bushing 1/2"MPT x 1/4"FPT
010-RB-86Reducing Bushing 1/2"MPT x 3/8"FPT
Street Elbow 90o
Product CodeDescription
010-SE-1212Street Elbow-90 degree - 3/4"
010-SE-44Street Elbow-90 degree - 1/4"
010-SE-66PPStreet Elbow-90 degree - 3/8" polypropylene
010-SE-88Street Elbow-90 degree - 1/2"
Street Elbow 45o
Product CodeDescription
010-SEQ-44Street Elbow-45 degree - 1/4"
Swivel Nut and Insert
Product CodeDescription
010-SN-4FPT Swivel Nut 1/4"
010-SNA-4 HB Insert 1/4"
Tee - FPT x FPT x FPT
Product CodeDescription
010-TT-12All Female Tee - 3/4"
010-TT-8All Female Tee -1/2"
Tee - HB x HB x HB
Product CodeDescription
010-TT-9121212All Hose Barb Tee-3/4"
010-TT-9121212PAll Hose Barb Tee-3/4" -polyethylene
010-TT-9222All Hose Barb Tee - 1/8
010-TT-9444AllHose Barb Tee - 1/4"
010-TT-9666All Hose Barb Tee - 3/8"
010-TT-9666PAllHose Barb Tee-3/8" -polyethylene
010-TT-9888All Hose barb Tee-1/2"
010-TT-9888PAll Hose Barb Tee - 1/2" HB polyethylene
Tee - MPT x MPT x MPT
Product CodeDescription
010-R-12Tee 1/2"MPT
Tee - MPT x HB x HB
Product CodeDescription
010-TT-3121212PTee 3/4"MPT x 3/4"HB x 3/4"HB-polyethylene
010-TT-3466Tee 1/4"MPT x 3/8"HB x 3/8"HB
010-TT-3488PTee 1/4"MPT x 1/2"HB x 1/2"HB-poly
010-TT-3666Tee 3/8"MPT x 3/8"HB x 3/8"HB
010-TT-3888Tee 1/2"MPT x 1/2"HB x 1/2"HB
Y - HB x HB x HB
Product CodeDescription
010-TYY-121212AAll Hose Barb Y -3/4" - acetal
010-TYY-666PPAll Hose Barb Y -3/8" -polypropylene
010-TYY-888All Hose Barb Y-1/2" -polypropylene

Mini, Low Profile & Intermediate In-Line Strainers:


Mini Strainer 1/4FPT, Viton, 80, black bowl


Low Profile 1/4HB, Viton, 80 Mesh, black bowl


Low profile 1/4FPT,Viton,80,black bowl


Low profile 3/8FPT, EPDM, 40, black bowl


Low Profile 3/8FPT,Viton, 40, clear bowl


Low Profile 3/8MPT, Viton, 40 Mesh, clear bowl


Low Profile 3/8MPT, Viton, 40 Mesh, black bowl


Low Profile 1/2MPT, Viton, 40 Mesh, clear bowl


Low Profile 1/2MPT, Viton, 40 Mesh, black bowl


Intermediate In-Line, 3/4FPT, Viton, clear bowl


Intermediate In-Line, 3/4FPT, Viton, black bowl


Intermediate In-Line, 1/2FPT, Viton, black bowl


Intermediate In-Line, 1/2 FPT, Viton, Clear bowl


Intermediate In-Line, 1/2FPT, Viton, caged, black bowl


Intermediate In-Line/Tab, 3/4FPT,BUNA,black bowl


Intermediate In-Line/Tab,3/4FPT,Viton,clear bowl


Intermediate In-Line/Tab, 3/4FPT, Viton, black bowl

Strainer Replacement Parts:



ST 20 Mesh Screen-caged


St 40 Mesh Screen-caged


ST 40 Mesh Screen


Clear Bowl for Intermediate In-Line Strainer




Gasket-Viton for Intermediate In Line Strainers


40 Mesh Screen for Low Profiles


80 Mesh Screen for Low Profiles


Clear Bowl for Low Profiles


Black Bowl for Low Profiles-pp


Gasket for Low Profile & Mini-Viton

Drop Tube Assemblies:



Drop Tube Assembly 16''

Nozzle Strainers - Mesh:



50 Mesh Nozzle Strainer-polypropylene

Teflon Tape:



Teflon Tape 1/2" x 520

Currently stocked nylon fittings in our Yazoo City, MS warehouse. 
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