Pro-Pest Silverfish Trap

Unique design makes trapping Silverfish easy…

Insects attracted:

  • Silverfish
  • Fire Brats
  • Museum Beetle larvae
  • Brown Carpet Beetle larvae
  • Psocoptera
  • Drugstore Beetles

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Pro-Pest Silverfish Traps attracts:

  • Silverfish
  • Fire Brats
  • Museum Beetle larvae
  • Brown Carpet Beetle larvae
  • Psocoptera
  • Drugstore Beetles

Our Pro-Pest Silverfish glue trap was designed specifically to entice Silverfish, however it will also attract & capture several other insects (listed above) with similar environmental preferences.  These insects are renowned for damaging wallpaper, books, library and museum collections.

Our unique trap design entices these insects in 3 ways: their love of humidity, a preferred tunneling habit and an inviting food source.  The trap has tunnels on the bottom side to allow protected insect entry and the accumulation of moisture inside the trap.  An individually packaged special food attractant is provided with each trap.   Simply remove the food attractant from protective plastic pouch and insert in the center of the trap, snap trap closed and place on a flat surface. To allow un-inhibited tunneling of insects, be sure not to place trap on carpet.

  • Effective
  • No Insecticides


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Retail 2Pks / Display Box 12 – 2 Packs, Weight 1lb


Retail 2 Pks / Bulk Box 100 – 2 Packs, Weight 8lb


Prof. Pack: 12 Traps / Box, Weight 1lb


Prof. Pack: Master Case 12 x 12 Traps, Weight 7lb


Prof. Pack: 300 Traps / Box, Weight 9lb

Safety Data Sheet

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