Pro-Pest Rat & Mouse Lure Bacon- Prof 32 cc Syringes -50/25ct


Pro-Pest Mouth-Watering Bacon Flavor Lure for Rats & Mice is guaranteed to reduce expensive call backs.   An aromatic blend of food grade ingredients is irresistible to rodents.

As always, you can rely on Pro-Pest Professional Lures to:

  • Quickly attract both rats & mice, including bait and trap shy rodents.
  • Be made from an aromatic blend of food-grade ingredients
  • Contain no peanuts
  • Contain no known allergens
  • Contain no rodenticide/pesticide/insecticide

Item # 20-RML-5550   Display Box Mouth Watering Bacon Flavor -50 syringes and 25 plungers


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Pro-Pest Mouth Watering Bacon for Rats & Mice is an aromatic blend of food-grade ingredients and oils that quickly attracts both rats & mice, including roof rats and bait & trap-shy rodents. Because our formulation does not contain peanuts, no known allergens, no pesticides or rodenticides, it can be used in homes, schools, daycare facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, food storage and processing plants, etc.

Our 32cc syringe makes it clean and easy to apply lure and fits most industry bait guns.

To use, simply place 1/2 – 1 gram of Pro-Pest Rat & Mouse Lure on the trap trigger of a snap trap, center of a glue board, inside a multi-catch trap or behind the trip pan inside a live animal trap.

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32cc syringes, 50 syringes, 25 plungers, Bacon flavor


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