Opossum, also commonly called Possum, is in the family Didelphidae and the order Marsupialia. The only marsupial which is native to the US, the possum is not finicky when it comes to food. It will eat vegetation, fruit, insects, snakes, chickens & their eggs, small mammals, dead or alive, garbage, and at our house, we frequently find a possum stealing a few bites of left-over dry cat food.

Possum are nocturnal mammals and when their environment is plentiful in providing food, they do not travel very far. Many sources say they do not move fast however we have witnessed a local possum move quite fast when surprised and aggravated by our fierce yorkie.

Quircky info you may want to know …
A pack of possum are called a passel.
A female possum is called a jill and the male is called a jack.
A litter of possum are called joeys.

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