What are insect pheromones?

Pheromones are natural chemical substances secreted by an insect (or animal) that influences specific patterns of behavior. Insects use pheromones for different purposes: Reproduction, Mass Gathering, marking trails, sending alerts and more.

We offer a full line of pheromone products to monitor for stored product insects as well as other insects that destroy fabric and other textiles. The female Indian Meal Moth, Plodia interpunctella, is the most common stored product insect in the USA, destroying millions of dollars of food each year and we’ll use feature them for example. Keep in mind we have pheromone traps for many other insects.

How do we use insect pheromones in pest control?

Once the female and male emerge from their cocoons as adult moths, they do not eat.  Their only desire/function is to mate and produce offspring. They have a short life span at this point.. 5 – 25 days depending on their environment and temperature.  The female moth will emit natural pheromones to call the male moth.

XLure R.T.U. traps contain  pheromone(s) which mimic the female moth’s pheromones.  Males are attracted to the traps thinking they have found a female but instead are captured in the glue.

Pheromone traps are commonly installed thoroughout food manufacturing/processing/packaging/storage facilities to attract and capture stored product insects that damage foods.  Pest control technicians check traps on a regular routine to record insect catch.  High insect catch in one area of a facility helps pinpoint insect infestations so they can be properly addressed.



XLure R.T.U…. pre-baited & ready to use

Pre-baited with stored product & fabric insect pheromone combinations. Precision dosing and machine application of pheromone combinations in the glue delivers cost effective and efficient multi-insect monitoring per trap. Select from several multi-insect XLure R.T.U. and Pro-Pest R.T.U. products.

XLure R.T.U… nothing to forget

Absolutely no chance of installing traps with no pheromones because the pheromones are loaded in the glue.

XLure R.T.U… accurate/dependable monitoring

Pherogel, XLure’s patented pheromone delivery system controls the release of pheromones. Pheromones are evenly and consistently rendering monitoring data that accurately reflects insect activity in an account.

XLure R.T.U… less time & labor…

Installation and labor are substantially reduced over traditional installation of separate, individual pheromone dispensers in each glue trap installed because XLure combines multiple pheromones, pre-loaded in the glue trap.

We also offer these pheromone traps for stored product & fabric insects…