XLure R.T.U. MST Beetle Floor Trap

a perfectly enticing environment for stored product beetles…

Trap contains multiple pheromones to attract stored product beetles & weevils.  This list includes many additional beetles and weevils than previous and is listed alphabetically by Common Names.  Further below we also list them alphabetically by scientific name:

  • American Black Flour beetle
  • American Spider beetle
  • Black Flour beetle
  • Cigarette beetle
  • Confused Flour beetle
  • Dark Flour beetle
  • Depressed Flour beetle
  • Destructive Flour beetle
  • Drug Store beetle, Biscuit beetle
  • Dusty Sap beetle
  • False Black Flour beetle
  • Flat Grain beetles
  • Flour mite
  • Four-Spotted Sap beetle, Picnic beetle, Beer bug
  • Golden Spider beetle
  • Granary weevil, Grain weevil
  • Hairy Fungus beetle
  • Kashmir Flour beetle
  • Khapra beetle
  • Larder beetle
  • LeConte’s Seedcorn beetle
  • Lesser Mealworm  beetle
  • Longheaded Flour beetle
  • Maize weevil
  • Merchant Grain beetle
  • Red Rust Flour beetle, Red Flour beetle
  • Red Legged Ham beetle
  • Rice weevil
  • Sawtoothed Grain beetle
  • Warehouse beetle

Item # 041-XLG-200  Kit contains 10 trap bodies and 10 pheromone cartridges

Related item:  # 041-XLG-100  Replacement pheromone cartridges

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XLure R.T.U. Multi-Species Beetle Floor Traps combine multiple pheromones in an enticing dark, cozy, dust free environment for maximum attraction of most stored food product beetles, borers and weevils.  Insects enter the trap and fall inside the cartridge.  Once inside, the slick interior trap walls prevent escape.  

Insects attracted (list updated May 2022 which includes many more beetles and weevils).  This list is in alphabetical order by scientific name, followed by common names.

  • Alphitobius diaperinus:  Lesser Mealworm beetle
  • Carpophilus lugubris:  Dusty Sap beetle
  • Cryotolestes spp:  Flat Grain beetles
  • Dermestes lardarius:  Larder beetle
  • Glischrochilus quadrisignatus:  Four-Spotted Sap beetle, Picnic beetle, Beer bug
  • Lasioderma serricorne:  Cigarette beetle
  • Latheticus oryzae:  Longheaded Flour beetle
  • Mezium americanum:  American Spider beetle
  • Necrobia rufipes: Red Legged Ham beetle
  • Niptus hololeucus:  Golden Spider beetle
  • Oryzaephilus mercator: Merchant Grain beetle
  • Oryzaephilus surinamensis:  Sawtoothed Grain beetle
  • Palorus subdepressus:  Depressed Flour beetle
  • Sitophilus granarius:  Granary weevil, Grain weevil
  • Sitophilus oryzae:  Rice weevil
  • Sitophilus zeamais:  Maize weevil
  • Stegobium paniceum:  Drug Store beetle, Biscuit beetle
  • Stenolophus lecontei:  LeConte's Seedcorn beetle
  • Tribolium audax:  American Black Flour beetle
  • Tribolium castaneum:  Red Rust Flour beetle, Red Flour beetle
  • Tribolium confusum:  Confused Flour beetle
  • Tribolium destructor:  Destructive Flour beetle, False Black Flour beetle, Dark Flour beetle
  • Tribolium freemani:  Kashmir Flour beetle
  • Tribolium madens:  Black Flour beetle
  • Trogoderma granarium:  Khapra beetle
  • Trogoderma variabile:  Warehouse beetle
  • Typhaea stercorea:  Hairy Fungus beetle
  • Acarus siro:   Flour mite

Features of Xlure Multi-Species Beetle Floor Traps

Key Features:

  • No messy liquid content to spill
  • Easy to extract captured beetles for inspection/identification
  • Trap design keeps dust and debris out
  • Trap body is durable and re-usable "blue"
  • Cartridges are easy to install, inspect and replace in seconds
  • A tab at the top of the trap can be used with XLure's Tether System to secure the trap in place, preventing unwanted removal/displacement.
  • 2-1/2" Beetle/Insect recording labels now packed with each MST Kit to easily uniquely identify traps, date and record insect catch. Also sold separately or downloadable template to print your own labels.

XLure's R.T.U. MST Beetle Floor traps can be use as part of a comprehensive monitoring program in food processing facilities, manufacturing plants, food storage facilities,pet stores, homes, schools, hospitals and nursing homes. Set the traps at a distance of 15' - 25' apart initially. Increase and decrease spacing as indicated by regular trap inspections for pinpointing infestation. Replace the cartridges every 6 - 8 weeks or earlier if full.  Replacement Pheromone cartridges are sold in boxes of 10.   Each cartridge is sealed to ensure it reaches you at peak attractiveness.

For use in: Any premises prone to stored product beetle infestations: Food processing plants, manufacturing plants, food storage facilities, pet stores, homes, schools, commercial kitchens, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

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Box of 10 Replacement Pheromone Cartridges


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