Xlure Tether System

The Xlure Tether System makes securing any Xlure floor trap in your account easy.  

Designed specifically for use with Xlure Multi-Species Beetle Floor Traps, Xlure Fabric Insect Floor Traps and Xlure Rice Weevil Floor Traps.

See the How-To Video under the Video tab on this page.

  • 10 plastic wall contacts with 3′ of wire each
  • 10 metal barrels to clamp wire secure to trap

Item # 041A-TET-10


Use our Xlure Tether System to secure Xlure floor traps in your account, protecting them from unwanted removal or accidental displacement.  The Tether system is designed to work with any Xlure floor trap utilizing the trap’s built in tab on the top of the trap.  {Use with Xlure Multi-Species Beetle traps, Fabric Insect traps and Rice Weevil traps}.   Remove the protective paper from the back of the plastic holder exposing the sticky tape and apply with light to medium pressure to a flat, clean surface.  Thread the tether wire through the trap’s built in tab, pull wire through to desired length and secure by clamping small metal barrels.  To see our How-To YouTube, please click on the Video Tab on this page.

Additional information

Weight 0.34 lbs

10 pack


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