XLure R.T.U. Mini-Combo4 -25

Flexible, Versatile, Adaptable…

and Ready to Use…  XLure’s Mini Combo 4 traps are small, flat traps designed to fit in those odd spaces…

Use alone, inside bait stations, or be creative…

Trap size: 4″ x 6.5″

Pre-baited to attract:

  • Indian Meal Moth
  • Almond Moth
  • Raisin Moth
  • Tobacco Moth
  • Mediterranean Flour Moth
  • Cigarette Beetle
  • Khapra Beetle
  • Warehouse Beetle


XLure’s Ready To Use Mini Combo 4 Traps are small, flat traps that contain multiple pheromones to attract Indian Meal Moths, Almond, Raisin, Tobacco & Mediterranean Flour Moth, Cigarette Beetles, Warehouse & Khapra Beetles. For ease of recording insect counts, a 3/4″ grid is imprinted under the glue on each trap.

The Mini Combo 4 Traps measure 4″ x 6.5″ and may be used in the Bell Protecta Pest Monitor for extremely dusty environments.   Mini Combo4’s can also be used in plastic pipes for special applications and situations. They can be used inside The Advantage Flying Insect Trap.

And of course, Mini Combo 4 Traps can be used alone…  hole punch and hang them in pantries, storage rooms, warehouses, rail cars, trucks, grain elevators, etc. places with insect activity. They can also be used in plastic pipes for specific situations and used with the Advantage Flying Insect Traps. Simply remove the release paper from trap and form in a cylindrical shape to place inside trap (do not bend).

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25 pre baited traps


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