Mediterranean Flour Moth

Scientific Name: {Ephestia kuehniella}
Ephestia kuehniella, the Mediterranean flour moth adult will begin mating immediately after emergence. The adult stage is completed after 10-14 days. During this period the adult female can lay between 300-350 eggs which are stuck to various foods by a sticky secretion.

The eggs of Ephestia kuehniella, the Mediterranean flour moth hatch within 28 days. Larvae of the mill moth are white or pinkish-white and spin silken tubes in which they live. After 3-5 moults the larvae are full grown and the full grown larval size is about 15-19 mm long.

In colder climates the Mediterranean flour moths overwinter as larvae but, in contrast to other species, usually remain within the foodstuff. The larval stage typically lasts about 40 days. Moths pupate within 7-16 days in the dark corners of buildings or machinery where they seek shelter.

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