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Love this one! Jeff and Chris are cleaning out mice in a residential account using Pro-Pest Professional Lures for Rats & Mice… Looks like Chris is using our original flavor. Enjoy another Short & Sweet video from Jeff McGovern, The Pest Coach.

Love this one! Jeff and Chris are cleaning out mice in a residential account using Pro-Pest Professional Lures for Rats & Mice… Looks like Chris is using our original flavor. Enjoy another Short & Sweet video from Jeff McGovern, The Pest Coach.

Xlure RTU Inspectors are small but powerful traps to monitor for Indian Meal Moth, Almond Moth, Raisin Moth, Tobacco Moth, Mediterranean Flour Moth and Cigarette Beetles.  In this Short & Sweet video, we see how PMPs can use Inspectors in a residential account to help their client monitor for stored pantry pests before they become an infestation.   Bird seed, dog and cat food are prime for these types of pests.  Keeping fresh Inspectors installed in key locations within your customer’s home will also help them know when they’ve brought home more than just pet food.  Xlure, monitoring results you can depend upon.   

Pro-Pest’s new FISH flavor Rat & Mouse lure is a double header in this Short & Sweet video;  2 rodents captured.. 1 baiting with our new Fish Flavor Pro-Pest.  Our fish flavor is becoming one of Jeff McGovern’s (The Pest Coach) favorites.   In this video, he tells us why he is loving Pro-Pest Fish Flavor Rat & Mouse lure. Not too fishy for the human nose…but it’s just right for rodents.

Here’s a Short & Sweet on our Xlure RTU Inspectors… Jeff discusses how to assemble this small but powerful stored product insect trap…. This trap is incredibly useful in finding insect hot spots and infestations easily.  Low loads of multiple pheromones in each trap allow close proximity placements to zero in and find Indian Meal Moth, Almond Moth, Raisin Moth, Tobacco Moth, Mediterranean Flour Moth, and Cigarette Beetle.  Inspectors.. small trap, huge impact. 

Jeff McGovern, The Pest Coach, tells us in this Short & Sweet video how the new Pro-Pest Fish Flavor is working for him…. 

Here’s another Short & Sweet Videos from Jeff McGovern, The Pest Coach.  In this video Jeff discusses how to use the Pro-Pest Roach and Insect Trap in areas with sensitive equipment.   Get the job done with the best.  Scroll down for additional videos on this amazing roach trap.  

 # PCRI-0100 – Box of 100 Pro-Pest Pre-Baited Roach and Insect Traps

This is one of our first of a series of videos we designed to be… short & sweet.   Jeff McGovern, The Pest Coach gives us a super quick 411 on the Pro-Pest Pre-Baited Roach and Insect Traps, a fantastic roach trap that will save your company time and money.  Get the job done with the best.  Scroll down for additional videos on this amazing roach trap.  

 # PCRI-0100 – Box of 100 Pro-Pest Pre-Baited Roach and Insect Traps

This is a quick How-To setup video the Xlure Fabric Insect Trap, aka FIT Trap.  This particular pheromone trap attracts & captures fabric destroying insects:  Webbing Clothes Moths, Casemaking Clothes Moths, Black Carpet Beetles and Varied Carpet Beetles. 

 # 041-XL-5010 Kit of 10 traps and pheromone cartridges

# 041-XL-5010R – 10 pheromone replacement cartridges

Jeff McGovern discusses the benefits of using Pro-Pest Roach and Crawling Insect Traps in a food service facility with a German cockroach infestation.  Jeff maps out a guide for placement of 100 traps in the facility and tells us why he prefers these traps over other methods to successfully pull roaches out from senstive equipment and electronics such as computers, televisions and other warm areas that roaches love.

Jeff McGovern interviews Lance Corson of Corson Commercial Exterminating several weeks after applying Residulen in a restaurant that had a German cockroach infestion.  After the initial kill, Residulen continues killing several weeks after application.  Residulen has a 6 month residual so we’ll keep checking in with Lance Corson on this restaurant treated with Residulen for frequent updates.   Residulen is an odorless 25B insecticide to kill bed bugs, roaches, carpet beetles, ants, fleas, ticks, silverfish, millipedes, centipedes and other insects.

In this info video, we discuss how the Advantage Fly Trap’s design pulls air through the trap naturally (chimney effect), dispersing the fly attractant out and pulling flies in and away from areas where you don’t want flies to enter. 

Jeff McGovern discusses using Pro-Pest RTU Roach & Insect Traps in your quarterly residential services. As more people work from home, less use of indoor pesticides and more precaution when it comes to working around computers and sensitive equipment are needed. Pro-Pest RTU Roach and Insect Traps utilize glue and food attractants to lure roaches from sensitive areas, taking the insects  out of the game, safely and without pesticides or corrosive chemicals.  Peace of Mind for you and peace of mind for your clients.  Win your client’s confidence with quarterly residential pest control services. Watch and learn forced monitoring tips from Jeff McGovern, the Pest Coach.

Sniper, a Hospital Disinfectant, Odor Eliminator and Cleaner, is critically important to us all in a COVID-19 world.  Jeff McGovern explains why SNiPER  should be in your arsenal if your pest control company is providing disinfectant services to your clients.    SNiPER is listed on EPA’s list of disinfectant products that will kill COVID-19,   EPA’s LIST N.    SNiPER also meets all the criteria on the “MUST” list for a disinfectant.   This is a short video packed with the information you’ll want to watch.  Bookmark this page as Jeff will be posting How-To videos and tutorials on SNiPER.  

Xlure Combo4 Traps are a true ‘Ready-to-Use’ monitoring trap for stored product insects.  Jeff McGovern, The Pest Coach, discusses the convenience of having a pre-baited trap with multiple pheromones loaded directly in the glue.  Most important, he emphasizes the safety and peace-of-mind knowing no pheromones were omitted in the installation and replacement processes.  Technician installation errors with standard glue traps & separate pheromones happen more frequently than we’d like to believe.  Knowing the insect activity in a commercial food account is critical to protecting your customer’s brand.  Xlure Combo4 traps offer fast, secure installations and replacements that render accurate insect monitoring PMPs and their customers can reply upon. Combo 4 traps monitor for 8 major stored product insects.

Pest Control Kits for homeowners keep you

in the forefront of your customer’s mind. Pests don’t social distance.  Home Owners trust their pest control providers. A simple kit for them during Covid-19, shelter at home can help give them peace of mind and keep you and your companies services in mind. Build kits with many Pro-Pest products: Pantry & Clothes Moth traps, Roach & Insect Traps, Silverfish Traps, Bed Bug monitors… build kits tailored for each customer or build standard kits to send out with the service technicians each morning.

Pro-Pest Roach Traps: Forced Insect Monitoring

Jeff McGovern, The Pest Coach does a short field trip to demonstrate Forced Insect Monitoring using his ‘Go-To-Trap’ to understand the distribution of roaches in an account.    Pro-Pest R.T.U. Roach & Insect Trap is the basic tool for the Forced Monitoring Process which is standard procedure in solving commercial restaurant roach problems.   Jeff says,  ‘These traps should be in the hands of every PMP’.

Xlure MST Beetle Traps - Peace of Mind Monitoring

The Xlure R.T.U. Multi-Species Beetle Floor trap can provide professionals with peace of mind monitoring when it comes to stored product beetles… even in your most sensitive, zero insect tolerance account.   Jeff gives you brief product overview …how it attracts, captures and keeps you in the know about stored product beetles and weevils in your accounts 24/7.  Xlure R.T.U. stored product insect monitoring you can rely upon.

Xlure MST Beetle Traps - Simple but Powerful

Xlure R.T.U. Multi-Species Beetle Traps are simple to set-up, install, monitor and replace.  Jeff McGovern demonstrates in this short how-to-video how easy and effective this little trap is.  The trap body is so durable, it can be used for several years.  Replacement cartridges with pheromones and patented food lures make this trap attractive to a wide range of beetles and weevils.

Redlegged Ham Beetle Trap: Streets & Avenues

Pro-Pest Safestore Red Legged Ham Beetle Traps offers a unique “streets & avenues” design to capture these worrisome beetles.  Red legged ham beetles can number in the 1,000s particularly in accounts where pet food and treats are sold.  These traps can help bring the population down where dusting, fogging and spraying are not possible or practical.

Xlure RTU Combo 4s: Everything you need...

Xure R.T.U. Combo 4 traps are ready to use stored product insect traps.  Everything you need is inside this trap to attract 8 major stored product insects… Nothing to forget!  Jeff McGovern demonstrates how it is truly a ready-to-use product and discusses the features that makes this trap the best, hands down when it comes to stored product insect monitoring in food processing plants and other critical, zero insect tolerance accounts.  Xlure RTU = insect monitoring you can rely upon.

Secure any Xlure Floor Trap with the Tether System

This is a short video demonstrating how to secure traps in your accounts using the Tether system by Xlure.  For use with any Xlure floor trap: Multi-Species Beetle Floor Traps, Fabric Insect Traps and Rice Weevil Traps.

Pro-Pest Roach Traps tackle a German cockroach problem

Jeff McGovern describes how to tackle tough German Cockroach problem accounts using his forced monitoring system and Pro-Pest R.T.U. Roach and Insect Traps, his go-to device! 

Pro-Pest R & M Lure increases effectiveness of any rodent control program

Jeff McGovern, The Pest Coach, discusses why using Pro-Pest Professional Lures for Rats & Mice will increase the effectiveness of your rodent control program.  He demonstrates how to apply the lure to glue boards and snap traps, how to know after a snap trap capture if you have more rodents in the account, and why using this ‘Professional’ attractant is important for you and your company.

Pro-Pest R&M: a reliable attractant that increases rodent catch rates

PMPs are the frontline of defense against rodents. One of the main processes to directly attack a rodent population is trapping. In order to bring rodents to the traps, some type of a reliable attractant must be used to increase the catch rate and reduce the population.

JF Oakes offers an answer to the need for a non-toxic attractant that meets not only professional needs but it is hypoallergenic in its makeup. Pro Pest Professional Lures for Rats and Mice are American made, peanut and allergen free and are specifically formulated with food grade attractants proven to bring rodents into the control zone quickly.  Jeff McGovern demonstrates how to apply Pro-Pest to snap traps and inside bait stations to draw rodents in to your devices.  

Xlure R.T.U. Inspectors - Tiny trap utilizes powerful pheromones to zero in on insect hot spots

Jeff McGoverns discusses how to use the very small, inconspicuous Xlure R.T.U. Inspector in combination with Xlure R.T.U. Combo 4 in your commercial accounts to pin-point insect hot spots, how it can add value to your residential sales, and like all other Xlure pheromone monitoring traps, render stored product insect monitoring data you can rely upon. 

Pro-Pest Bed Bug Monitors offers peace of mind for your customers

Pro-Pest Bed Bug monitors may become one of the finest ‘leave behinds’ you have to offer your clients peace of mind after bed bug work has been done or as part of a proactive, preventative bed bug program.  Jeff discusses how they work and how to use them to add value to your bed bug control program. 

Pro-Pest RTU Insect... unique design to increase german cockroach catch

No hassle assembly, pre-baited, and ready to use, Pro-Pest R.T.U. Roach & Insect Trap is Jeff’s go-to trap for forced monitoring of german cockroach distribution.  And as always, he shares awesome tips that will help you amp up your roach control program. 

Pro-Pest Silverfish traps draw silverfish inside by design and scent

Pro-Pest Silverfish traps attract silverfish two ways: by creating an environment they love and enticing them with a food type bait.  Jeff discusses how these traps can be used in areas of  your customer homes where sprays and powders can’t be used.  Inexpensive, easy to use and replace.  

Pro-Pest R&M Lures offers rodent attracting success very quickly

This is Jeff McGovern’s first video on one of his favorite products, Pro-Pest Professional Lure for Rats & Mice.   Using Pro-Pest in one of his most difficult rodent accounts, Jeff discovered how quickly our R & M Lure attracted rats in a meat processing plant over other competing food sources.   He talks about the long lasting aroma and seeing multiple catches on snap traps from a single application of attractant.