Xlure R.T.U. Fabric Insect Replacement Cartridges

Replacement cartridge contains multiple pheromones to attract… 

  • Clothes Moths – Both Casemaking & Webbing
  • Black Carpet Beetles
  • Varied Carpet Beetles

Replacement pheromone cartridges for XLure’s R.T.U. Fabric Insect Trap

Cartridge size: 4″ Diameter x 1/2″ H

Item # 041-XL-5010R  Box of 10 Replacement Pheromone Cartridges

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XLure’s R.T.U. Replacement Cartridges for the Fabric Insect Traps contain multiple pheromones to attract both Webbing & Casemaking Cloth Moths, the Varied & the Black Carpet Beetles.  Simply remove the protective foil cover from the cartridge and snap onto the base of the trap body.  Cartridges releases pheromones at a steady rate for a period of 6 – 8 weeks and therefore pheromones cartridges should be replaced accordingly, every 6 – 8 weeks.

Designed for ease of installation, inspections and replacement, the XLure R.T.U. Fabric Insect Traps and Replacement Pheromone cartridges can be used in  homes, apartments, museums, retail clothing warehouses, clothing manufacturing plants, feather warehouses, and other areas where there is fabric destroying insect activity.

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10 Pheromone Cartridges, Size 4" Dia x 1/2" H


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