Pro-Pest Safestore Pheromone Lure- Black Carpet Beetle

Attagenus unicolor….

Rubber septa injected with the pheromone for Black Carpet Beetle.

May be used with Easy Read Traps.

Active life 4 to 6 weeks

Item # 041-RS-BCB-10     10 pack

Item # 041-RS-BCB-25      25 pack

Item # 041-RS-BCB-100    100 pack


Pro-Pest Safestore Pheromone lure for the Black Carpet Beetle is a rubber septa injected with the pheromone for Attagenus unicolor.  These septas may be used with Pro-Pest Safestore Easy Read Traps or other suitable glue traps for beetles.

The Black Carpet Beetle rubber septas have an active life of 4 to 6 weeks and should be replaced with fresh ones accordingly for continuous monitoring.  Un-used septas should be kept in their individual foil package, un-opened, and stored in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight.  They may be refrigerated or kept in a freezer for longer storage life.

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10 Septas, Replacement Lures


100 Septas, Replacement Lures


25 Septas, Replacement Lures


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