Rats & Mice

Rats & mice (& squirrels) have a definite place in our history books. Rats & Mice are renowned for spreading illness and death. Most famous probably is the plague caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis. Over the centuries it’s been called The Justinian Plague, The Black Death, The Great Plague, The Modern Plague, and Bubonic Plague. The plague has been recorded to have killed over 25 million people in Europe in the late medieval ages, wiping out entire towns.

More recent in the US is the Hantavirus, which is a virus carried and spread by rats & mice. According to the CDC, from 1993 through 2016, there have been 688 reported cases of people infected with the Hantavirus , of which 248 died.

Rodent control is serious business. Whether you need help trapping or tracking, Pro-Pest can give you the upper hand in your rodent control program.

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