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Pro-Pest Rat & Mouse Lure – Prof 8 oz Jars -8ct

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J.F. Oakes  is committed to manufacturing and resourcing innovative, quality products that provide the solutions PMPs and home owners need.

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Our ProPest Rat & Mouse Lures

Rodents are known to carry bacteria and viruses that are hazardous for trappers, pest control technicians, or anyone performing rodent control tasks. Hantavirus is one such example in the recent news. Always know and wear the appropriate protection for the job!

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A New Super Attractant!

Forget the cheese, we have some new super attractants on the way! Even the most discerning pest will not be able to resist our attractants

Tired of always being in the dark?

The animal was caught within 8 hours of the trap being placed, drawn in because of the lure. This type of catch has been repeated many times with the rodent being caught right on the snout. Pro-Pest is the real deal and one of those items that makes the work day a whole bunch easier for the ladies and gentleman performing pest control services.

Jeffrey McGovern

What has always stood out to me is the respect and genuine informative communication that takes place with every order. I feel like we are always treated as their only customer.

Steven Smith

With ProPest the mice are loosing the battle, they just can’t stay out of our traps! Also the J.F. Oakes staff are extremely nice, always helpful, and extremely knowledgable. They are always easy to reach and professional. I’ve recommended them to several friends!

Deborah Noel

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Disinfectant, Odor Eliminator and Cleaner.  Listed on EPA’s “N” List as approved for use against Coronavirus.  Approved for most HVAC Systems.  


XLure Pheromone Insect Monitoring

Technologically advanced pheromone monitoring traps for stored product, fabric and other insects.


Pro-Pest Prof. Lures for Rats & Mice

Now in 2 flavors: Original & Mouth-Watering Bacon…  Pure Attraction…  No poisons, no peanuts, no known allergens.  

Professional Lures for Nuisance Wildlife

Formulated with ingredients proven to attract the targeted animal so you’ll capture the pest, not the neighbor’s pet.


Prof. Equipment & Tools you can rely upon

Sheffield Masonry Drill Bits & Soil Augers  | Chemoak Professional Spray Hoses  |  Pro-Pest Spray Guns, Gages & Flashlights

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