We started J.F. Oakes in May 1989 with the main goal to serve the Professional Pest Control Industry.
We are committed to manufacturing and resourcing innovative,
quality products that provide solutions PMPs need.

This and excellent customer service are top priorities at J.F. Oakes. 


NPMA’s PestWorld 2018
Oct 23-26, Orlando, FL

We’ll be in Orlando for PestWorld next week!  We invite you to take an invigorating hike back to our booth….#2021… where we will feature our new stuff… for example: our Pro-Pest Rechargeable UV LED Rodent Tracker Flashlight.  It’s hands down the best one yet.  Smaller than previous models but way more powerful.. There will also be samples of Pro-Pest nuisance wildlife lures, including our newest recipe for Rabbits.  There will be all kinds of pheromone monitoring devices for stored product & fabric insects.  So… if there is a particular sample your heart desires, come early in the week because samples are limited.  Be sure to pick up a copy of our latest product catalog too. Hope to see ‘ya there!

New Website Release
planned for Oct 22

We are re-designing our site to be able to provide more product information in an easy to find format.  This site is a ‘work-in-progress’…  if you can’t find a product today, call or email us.  We are adding products everyday.  We welcome feedback because ultimately, this site is for you!!!  We want this site to be your ‘go-to site’ for product information… your virtual product warehouse for our lines of professional pest control products. 


Featured Product Lines…

XLure Pheromone Insect Monitoring

Technologically advanced pheromone monitoring traps for stored product, fabric and other insects.

Pro-Pest Prof. Lures for Rats & Mice

Now in 2 flavors: Original & Mouth-Watering Bacon…  Pure Attraction…  No poisons, no peanuts, no known allergens..

Professional Lures for Nuisance Wildlife

Formulated with ingredients proven to attract the targeted animal so you’ll capture the pest, not the neighbor’s pet.

Prof. Equipment & Tools you can rely upon

Sheffield Masonry Drill Bits & Soil Augers  | Chemoak Professional Spray Hoses  |  Pro-Pest Spray Guns, Gages & Flashlights


“It’s one thing to provide quality products to your customers…that is and should be standard operating procedures.  But what has always stood out to me is the respect and genuine informative communication that takes place with every order. I feel like we are treated as if we were your only customer. The details of how the order is processed and monitored is addressed with the same urgency and care that we “hope” it would have…and then many times exceeding my expectations.”


Professional Pest Control Distributor

“The XLure RTU traps are amazing!! In the 48 hours since I placed these traps they have attracted and killed 31 confused flour beetles, which is very impressive based on our original colony size. ”


Pet Food Manufacturer

“I recently purchased Pro Pest Bed Bug Monitors.  They worked wonderfully in a particular problem account i had with bed bug re-infestation.  I will definitely be stocking them regularly.”

Betty Welch

Maine Multipest LLC

“This is a shot taken of a roof rat done in thanks to the Pro-Pest product. The animal was caught within 8 hours of the trap being placed, drawn in because of the lure. Be warned the shot is a bit graphic. This type of catch has been repeated many times with the rodent being caught right on the snout. Pro-Pest is the real deal and one of those items that makes the work day a whole bunch easier for the ladies and gentleman performing pest control services.”

Jeff McGovern

Pest Coach

“We have purchased your ProPest Rodent Lures in the past and they work great.”



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