Pro-Pest Replacement Fly Glue Board Type A – 425ct

Fits 90% of electric fly units on the market…

  • Vector Classic
  • Vector Nova
  • Vector Plasma
  • Vector Plasma One

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 16.25″ x 9.0625″
  • Black 20 pt SBS glue board
  • UV Stable
  • Matt finish is more attractive to flying insects

Item # 61-GFGB-A-425   Box of 4 -25 packs


The Pro-Pest Replacement Fly Glue Boards are multi-purpose glue boards made to fit 90% of all of the insect UV Lighted Fly Traps on the market. Traps are black SBS 20pt board with a polyurethane finish that results in a high quality, ultraviolet-stable fly glue board. The polyurethane coating makes the generic replacement fly glue boards more ridged and moisture resistant preventing them from warping. Protects glue from absorption by the board, keeping the quality of the glue consistent over a longer period of time.

The Pro-Pest Replacement Fly Glue Boards have a more attractive landing surface for flies. Both type A & B fly boards have a matt (dull) finish which creates a strong contrast between the black surface & the extra-thick white grid lines. This contrast is a more attractive area for the fly to land. Our extra-thick white grid lines give the board a “wow” effect when the UV light hits the white lines. Competing fly boards have a glossy finish which makes the UV light scatter, reducing the attractiveness of UV light.


Additional information


Board Size 16.25" x 9.0625", For Use In: Vector Classic, Vector Nova, Vector Plasma, Vector Plasma One, Packaging 4 x 25pk (100 / Box), Weight 14lb


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