Sheffield Soil Auger


With Sheffield quality and versatility, the largest jobs are fast and efficient.  Sheffield Soil Augers easily drill a 2″ hole in even the heaviest clay soils to accommodate the Sentricon and Firstline Bait Stations  (attach the optional widening adaptor to drill 2-1/2″ holes for Whitmire’s Advance Bait Stations.

Our augers have a rope thread system allowing you to use them with any hammer drill.   Use 1 Sheffield Auger and choose a HEX, SPLINE, SDS MAX and SDS+ Adaptor to work with your drill…. or have multiple adaptors so if one drill goes down, another drill can finish out the job.

Our solid steel core gives the user a strong, durable auger for years of service.

Add a cup-cutter to easily remove grass/thatch to ensure optimal soil to station contact.

Part# 008S-RT-CTSA-200

  • Drilling Diameter – 2”   (with widening adaptor: 2-1/2″)
  • Rope Threads allow addition of adaptors to work with many types of drills
  • Solid Steel Core for durability and years of service
  • Easily drills through heavy soils for bait station placement
  • Add accessories for more versatility


Sheffield Soil Auger Applications:  For use to drill 2” holes in soil to accomodate the Sentricon and Firstline Bait Stations.  Add the 2-1/2″ widening adaptor to drill holes for Whitmire’s larger 2-1/2″ Advance Bait Station. Choose the correct adaptor to work with your hammer drill… Choices are HEX, SPLINE, SDS MAX and SDS + Adaptors.     Add an optional Cup-Cutter to remove thick grass/thatch easily for important bait station to soil contact.

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Sheffield Soil Auger



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