Advantage Flying Insect Trap

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The Advantage Flying Insect Trap is equipped with a disposable liner and two fly attractants per trap. The  Advantage Flying Insect Trap is for the use of attracting both male and female flies with an all natural fly  attractant, Advantage Fly Banquet which will attract a wide variety of flies; stable flies, blow flies, house flies, sludge flies, blue/green bottle flies, large gnats, etc.

It is recommended that a thorough inspection of the area involved be carried out, and potential infestation “hotspots” are identified and addressed by sanitation and destruction of breeding sites. Placement of traps can vary from site to site however good results can be obtained by following a few guidelines.

  • When temperatures are above 80 F degrees, traps must be placed in shaded areas. As temperatures fall below this, fly activity will diminish and they will seek warmer areas. When this happens move the traps to areas that provide sun exposure.
  • Place traps outdoors where flies are a problem. The outside perimeter of barns, houses, animal cages etc, are excellent locations.
  • Avoid strong winds. Strong odors from dead flies may occur if not kept in well-ventilated areas.
  • Place traps at various locations and heights to determine the most effective placement. Traps should not be placed higher than 3 feet from the ground.
  • Allow 24 to 48 hours for activation, depending on temperature
  • If placing the traps in an area near pre-existing strong odors, sometimes doubling the attractant amount will aid in the trapping process.
  • Always dispose of the dead flies in a proper manner. Do not empty dead flies on to the ground. This may become an additional breeding area for flies. We suggest putting dead flies in a plastic garbage bag.

Trap units should be replaced every 10 to 14 days or when trap is full, empty the trap and replenish with new attractant.

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Fly Trap: 6 Traps/CS Each Trap Includes Disposable Liner & 2 Fly Attractants, Trap Weigh – 10 LB


Fly Banquet Fly Attractant; 6-10 Pack (60/BOX), Weight – 1 LB


Liners: 25 PCS/BOX, Weight – 5 LB

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  1. Terri

    Took this camping with me last year and it pulled the flies away from our food area and camping area. So much nicer to not be buzzed by flies the whole time.

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