Advantage Yellow Jacket Trap- for Western Yellow Jackets


The Advantage Yellow Jacket Trap is equipped with a disposable liner and two Yellow Jacket Banquet Attractants per trap. The Advantage Yellow Jacket Trap includes 2 membrane lures to attract Western Yellow Jackets which are predominantly found west of Texas.

The Advantage Yellow Jacket Trap is Designed to Naturally Disperse Scent without electricity or mechanical parts.  Top and bottom entry holes pull air through the trap, dispersing the scent of the special yellow jacket attractant out to lure yellow jackets inside.  No electricity, no mechanical parts!

Yellow Jackets are lured into the trap and cannot find their way out. Complete instructions and helpful hints are included inside each trap.

Click here for Instruction Sheet

Advantage Yellow Jacket Trap in Action!!!  Watch this video

Advantage Yellow Jacket Trap – amazing catch! 

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Disposable Liner, 2 Advantage Western Attractants, Instruction Sheets & Helpful Hints


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