Pro-Pest Safestore Redlegged Ham Beetle Trap

Powerful Attractant & Unique Glue Pattern in trap attracts:  

Red legged Ham Beetle, Necrobia rufipes

A powerful attractant plus a specially designed glue area attracts and captures Red Legged Ham Beetles.  The glue area is designed to allow the capture of the beetles in all glue areas, not simply around the outer edges.

Trap size: 8″ x 3.75″ x 0.75″

Item # 041-RLHBT-K10   Kit containing 10 traps and 10 ml tube of attractant.


Pro-Pest Safestore Red Legged Ham BeetleTraps contain a powerful lure to attract Necrobia Rufipes.  The traps also have a special glue pattern designed to entice these beetles to crawl along the ‘streets’ allowing them to be captured throughout the entire glue area instead of the outer edges only.  This has been problematic of other glue traps for the Red Legged Ham Beetle.

These insects are a major pest in pet retail facilities and areas where various meat related products have been dried through evaporation or long-term storage. They also infest shipments of bone meal, fish meal, cheese, garlic & coconuts. The larvae often infest bone and dog biscuits in factories and various retail outlets.

To use, remove release paper from glue area, place 1 ml of attractant in the middle of the trap, fold trap and place in areas to be monitored. To monitor for the presence of red legged ham beetles, in small rooms, one trap may be sufficient;  in larger areas space traps 25 – 35 feet apart.  In areas of known infestions, decrease trap spacing to 15 – 25 feet apart to pin-point the infestation.  Since this is a food based attractant, not a pheromone type, more traps may be used in an area without fear of mating disruption.  Using more traps in an area would be advantagous in areas of heavy infestations or where many obstacles, example shelf displays, are present.  Kits include 10 traps and 10 ml tube of attractant.


  • Active Life: Re-apply attractant every 4 – 6 weeks. Replace trap as needed.
  • Storage: Refrigerate attractant for long-term storage.

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Kit 10 Traps & 1 – 10ml Attractant Tube


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