Pied Pipers, Exterminators, PCOs and PMPs have long been dealing with rodents since before mankind paid its first bill for service.  They are one of the most destructive pests we battle for our health, property, and sometimes sanity.

The three main rodents we see as pests are the House Mouse (Mus musculus), the Roof Rat/Black Rat (Rattus rattus), and the Norway Rat/Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus).  All three invasive species are here in the United States as they are well adapted to the conditions here.  Norway rats are more commonly found in the northern states, while Roof rats are predominantly found in the southern and coastal areas.  With that said, this distribution is not hard and fast.  Roof rats have been found in the Midwest and Norway rats have been found enjoying the fine weather in Florida.   House mice are found throughout the United States and fit comfortably in to almost any structure or space created by man.

These creatures are referred to as commensal rodents meaning they live with us and derive benefits from the relationship.  Mankind provides them with access to our structures, food, water and harborage.  In other words, they need a way in, something to drink, something to eat, and a place to live.  We don’t make out as well in the matter of deriving benefits from the rodents.  In fact, we must continue to find ways to keep them out of our structures and away from us to protect our own health and property.  Throughout history these creatures have defied our best efforts and we fight to keep a holding action against them.  So as long as mankind keeps up the pressure, rodent populations can be held at bay.

PMPs are the front line of defense against rodents.  One of the main processes to directly attack a rodent population is trapping.  On a professional level, the use of trapping devices will bring down the population at a given site, allowing it to be secured against the introduction of additional rodents.  In order to bring rodents to the traps, some type of a reliable attractant must be used to increase the catch rate and reduce the population.  The use of candy, cheese, dried meats, or peanut butter is not considered professional because they attract non target species such as children or pets.  In fact, using peanut butter could bring allergen potential to the mix and should be avoided at all costs.  For PMPs, the use of peanut butter or any product with allergen potential, is not a professional solution.

J.F. Oakes offers an answer to the need for a non-toxic attractant that meets not only professional needs but it is hypoallergenic in its makeup.  Pro Pest Professional Lures for Rats and Mice are American made and are specifically formulated with food grade attractants proven to bring rodents into the control zone quickly.   Pro-Pest rodent lures can be used with snap traps or glue boards with equal success.  To increase bait acceptance, Pro-Pest rodent lures may also be used in conjunction with bait stations by placing the product inside the baffle edges, just not on the bait itself.

Pro Pest is available in convenient application syringes that fit standard bait guns in both Original and Mouth Watering Bacon flavors.   Pro-Pest offers a money back guarantee from JF Oakes assuring the professional this product is going to be successful in battling rodents.

Written by Kate McGovern,  The Resource Shop  Sept. 2019