A northern California pest control company in Sonoma County was kind enough to share this video showing just how well our Advantage Yellow Jacket traps pull in yellow jackets.   Many counties, including Sonoma, has had a surge in yellow jackets this year due to good rainfall earlier in the year, mild winters, warm summers, lots of carbohydrates to feast upon which yellow jacket love.   

This yellow jacket trap is near a nest in the ground and contains our Advantage Western Yellow Jacket attractant which is a highly attractive lure for yellow jackets typically found in states west of Texas (Vespula pensylvanica, sulphurea, and atropilosa).   The Advantage Western Yellowjacket lure is a membrane attractant that floats on top of the water inside the disposable trap liner.   It is an attractant, not an insecticide.  Once inside, the yellow jackets cannot escape and drown in the water. 

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