Advantage Western Yellow Jacket Lure -12

….membrane lure for…

  • Vespula pensylvanica (Western Yellowjacket)
  • Vespula vulgaris
  • Vespula sulphurea
  • Vespula atropilosa


The Advantage Western Yellowjacket Lure is a highly attractive lure for yellow jackets typically found in states west of Texas (Vespula pensylvanica, sulphurea, and atropilosa).   The Advantage Western Yellowjacket lure is an attractant, not an insecticide.

To use, simply open the enclosed aluminum foil pack and place the enclosed Advantage Yellow Jacket membrane attractant on top of the water inside the disposable trap liner. DO NOT OPEN THE MEMBRANE ATTRACTANT. The membrane will float on top of the water and emit attractant through the membrane.

See Additional Information for Instructions and other information regarding Advantage Flying Insect Traps.

Watch this video of how enticing our Advantage Yellow Jacket Traps are !    and the amazing catch !!! 

Additional information


Western Yellow Jacket Lure: 12/BAG


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