Pro-Pest Safestore Kit- Red & Confused Flour Beetles

Tribolium castaneum & Tribolium confusum

Attracts both the Red and Confused Flour Beetles.

Kits can be assembled with Diamond Traps or Easy Read Traps.

Item # 041-SS10D-CFB   10 Diamond Traps and 10 Pheromone Septas

Item # 041-SS10P-CFB    10 Easy Read Traps and 10 Pheromone Septas


Pro-Pest Safestore Kits for Red & Confused Flour Beetles include your choice of either Diamond Traps or Easy Read Traps and rubber septas injected with pheromones for the attraction for Tribolium castaneum and confusum.

General Monitoring & Installation Instructions:

A thorough inspection of the area of concern is highly recommended and potential infestations, also referred to as hotspots, should be identified and marked on a site plan or map. Placement of traps can vary from site to site however good results can be obtained by following a few guidelines.

  • Place units where insects are likely or have been observed.
  • If possible, positions should be chosen that offer shelter for the trap (fire hoses or fire extinguishers)
  • Ensure that sanitation staff is informed of the program to prevent trap removal.
  • Mark the position of the traps on the site plan, and assign them a number.
  • Never store monitoring equipment with insecticides.
  • Wash hands before placing or inspecting trap units.
  • Avoid placing traps in areas where large volumes of air moves out of the building.
  • Place traps in a grid pattern (30 – 50 ft.); or in shorter interval to pin point infestations. This rate may be changed later to take into consideration the above mentioned parameters.

A weekly inspection of the traps is recommended, however it may be necessary to inspect more often if you have a zero insect tolerance policy. Trap units should be replaced every 6 to 8 weeks. Care should be taken during inspections to check the condition of the glue areas in the units, especially in dusty conditions or high insect catch situations, which may cause the glue surface to deteriorate. Should this occur the trap should be replaced.

These pheromone septas have an active life of 6 – 8 weeks and should be replaced with fresh ones accordingly for continuous monitoring. Un-used septas should be kept in their individual foil package, un-opened, and stored in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight.  Refrigeration or Freezing is recommended for longer storage life.

See Additional Information for Item codes.  See Product Info & Brochures for additional instructions and information.


Additional information


10 Traps / 10 Septas, Easy Read Traps


10 Traps / 10 Septas, Diamond Traps


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