Pro-Pest Safestore Pheromone Lure- Case Making Clothes Moth

Tinea pellionella….

Porous Polyethylene Ring injected with the pheromone for Casemaking Clothes Moths.

May be used with Diamond Glue Traps or Easy Read Traps.

Active life 12 to 15 weeks

Item # 041-CCM-10     10 pack

Item # 041-CCM-25      25 pack

Item # 041-CCM-100    100 pack


Pro-Pest Safestore Pheromone Lure for the Casemaking Clothes Moth is a porous polyethylene ring injected with the pheromone for Tinea pellionella.  These porous polyethylene rings allow the pheromone to escape slowly and consistently over a 12 to 15 week period.  Simply remove the ring from the foil package and insert in center of Pro-Pest Safestore Diamond or Easy Read Traps.   Do not attempt to open the polyethylene ring as this would allow the pheromone to completely escape, rending the ring empty and ineffective.

Un-used rings should be kept in their individual foil package, un-opened, and stored in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight.  They may be refrigerated or kept in a freezer for longer storage life.

See Additional Information for Item numbers.

Additional information


100 Rings, Replacement Lures


25 Rings, Replacement Lures


10 Rings, Replacement Lures


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