XLure R.T.U. Rice Weevil Replacement Pheromone Cartridges

Cartridges for XLure Rice Weevil trap contain both pheromone and food lures to attract:

  • Rice Weevil
  • Granary Weevil
  • Maize Weevil

Item # 041-XL-6000R Box of 10 replacement pheromone cartridges


Pheromone cartridges for the XLure Rice Weevil trap contain a pheromone to attract the Rice Weevil, Sitophilus oryzae, a special food attractant to attract Granary & Maize weevils and an attractive oil-soaked filter paper (additional attractant) to attract and contain trapped weevils.   Simply pop out the used cartridge, remove foil cover from the new cartridge and slide snugly to bottom of trap. The attractant is food-grade and does not contain pesticides.

The trap has been specially designed for early detection of infestations and more timely control, saving money on costly damage. It’s available for use in all stages of food processing, storage and distribution facilities.

  • Offers both pheromone and food lure to attract the Rice, Maize and Granary Weevils.
  • Place traps on the floor in suspected areas of infestation.  In large areas,  space 8-10 meters (25-30 feet) apart.
  • Replace the cartridge every 6-8 weeks.
  • Dispose of used cartridges away from the monitoring area.

Learn more about the XLure R.T.U. Rice Weevil traps.

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Replacement Cartridges with Sitophilus pheromone & food lure Pheromone Food Lure 10/ box

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